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Powers of an Original American Witch

I got this piece from a friend of mine who was going away and thought I should have it. His loss is my gain and I'm glad to have it. I've had it for awhile and I feel like it is now time to pass it on to somebody else, so they can experience the same powers that I've felt for so long now.

The piece is a pentacle, and unbeknownst to the guy who gave it to me, the piece actually houses the spirit of an original witch from the days of the Protestant Witch Hunt. Her name is Sarfinia, and while she admits she was guilty of witchcraft, she only practiced white magic, with one exception. At her hanging she cursed the entire town that witnessed her tragic death.

Today, she is in the piece. She is still around and in excellent shape. When you become the host of this powerful piece, you will obtain the secrets to early American Witchcraft and sorcery. This powers are all white light magic with just a hint of Cajun Voodoo. You will be able to use this piece to develop your own magic and use preexisting hexes, charms, cursed, and divinations.

Additionally, Sarfinia will watch over you, keeping you safe from the same nasty fate that she had to suffer for no reason. She will guide you spiritually towards success in everything that you do. She will keep you safe from danger and out of spiritual harm. You will receive the pentacle that you see here.

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