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Winchester Mysteries

I received this piece from a connection that I have on the West coast. My source is part of a paranormal society that, over the years I have come to trust. This piece is a supernatural find that comes from a paranormal hotspot in San Jose California. Pieces from this society are always a good find, and in addition to that, we have tested this piece and have found it to be worth the while. It is very spiritual and will help you along any type of spirit quest that you are on.

In San Jose, California there exists a house that is very mysterious place. It goes by the name Winchester Mystery House. Here's the story. The house belonged to Sarah Winchester, the wife of the heir of the Winchester Rifle fortune. At one point in time, they had a happy little family. That was until her daughter Annie passed away, only a month after her birth. Then, her husband, William, passed away from Tuberculosis.

Devastated by the events in her life, she sought out the advice of a spiritual medium. The medium informed her that her husband and his offspring were cursed by the spirits of those people who have been killed at the hand of Winchester rifles. She told Sarah that she would suffer the same fate. She also gave her a remedy for her situation.

The medium instructed Sarah to build a house. Not just any normal house, though. This house was to be continuously built. If construction were to ever stop, Sarah would develop the same curse that her family had suffered. As I'm sure you can guess, Sarah began building the house and construction ended after she passed away.

The investigation into the house was done by the paranormal society that I mentioned above. The house became place of interest after several rumors of paranormal activity in the house were circulated. The house itself was a great surprise, with staircases that go nowhere except to the ceiling, doors that open to 8 foot drops, and even a room with the window in the floor. The most exciting room, however, was a room known as the séance room. This is where the story gets interesting.

They held a séance in the séance room, which sparked with energy as soon as they opened a portal. During the séance they talked directly to Sarah Winchester and her spirits. She gave them the secrets to the door in her house that would open to a spiritual realm. This is why her architecture was so whacky, she didn't want anyone to find her source of power.

The energy from this portal is channeled into this piece. With this piece you will be able to communicate with Sarah Winchester and her spirits. The will become your personal intercessors to the spiritual realm. With their power, your sixth sense will be wide opened. You will gain a heighthened spiritual essence. You will gain the ability to see all spirits, communicate with them and obtain all of their powers.

This piece will also act as a protection piece for you in your travels. Sarah and her spirits will watch over to assure that nothing bad happens to you in the hands of evil. You will receive the piece that you see here.

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