There is NO Black Friday discount on this trip.

This is for the trip to New Orleans in April. The hotel that was originally booked has been changed and those people have been notified.

All funds must be in certified bank check,we do not do bank transfer for any reason. No Paypal is accepted because we will not take the loss of funds.

The full service is included along with your food and hotel. The hotel is gorgeous. Those that did not book yet can call my private line to do so. If you're a new customer ,but have spoke to me, you must pay half now for us to arrange your trip.

If you have already booked you will be here to place this in your cart and remove it. There have been some questions about privacy and everyone gets their own room and all services are done with you alone. We have also added to the service which is a surprise for all of you and you will LOVE it!

We look forward to seeing you all and your privacy is always kept a number one concern. Just to be sure you all understand it doesn't matter what number you place in your cart as it is always the same thing.

All your rooms are booked for 4 or 5 days but the service will take only one day. This gives you time to enjoy the city which is beautiful. IF you are driving and as far as I know no one is, but, if you do the hotel does not have parking,most in New Orleans don't. There is a parking garage about one block away and it is 25 a day which is low since most times I pay about 35 a day.

For your day of service bring comfortable clothes and as for weather bring summer and fall outfits as you never know what the weather will be at that time. I'm excited!!!!!! You will all have a great time.
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