The Romans and the Celtic people that they conquered during the to rule their conquest to rule the entire world didn't always agree on much.  However there was one thing that they both loved-- thermal baths!!  This piece summons the soul of the ancient Celtic goddess, Arnemetia.  While there is little known about Arnemetia, it is known that her presence inhabits the springs at Buxton and has since prehistoric times.

What little bit is officially known about Arnemetia, attributes her powers to this spring.  She is the goddess of healing-- both spiritually and physically.  She is the goddes of spiritual purification.  This piece calls upon her presence. 

This item can be used for heightened awareness and spiritual rebirth.  This item will allow you to cleanse your soul of any blockages and rid you of any evil.  It will align your psyche perfrectly and allow you to open and unlock full range powers of your third eye!  Additionally you will be able to recharge your aura and clear your karma.  This piece will literally heal all facets of your spiritual self.  It is literally a spritual tranformation that will leave you feeling, fresh, anew and spiritually motivated! 

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