Aquatic Entrance

Merfolks are real.  I'm not talking like the ones that exist in movies like the Little Mermaid or other movies on the Disney channel.  Actually, the only similarities that can be drawn fromthese movies to the real existence of mermaids is, roughly, their appearance.  In actuality, merfolks exist in a separate underwater realm and only sometimes surface to the top. 

One of the most surreal accounts of merfolk existence is Anthony North's recounting of what happened when he encountered a mermaid.  Residents of Hebridean Island on a warm summer day in 1830, when some of them saw a woman-like creature that was playing in the sea.  Attempting to catch the creature, a young boy tossed a rock the mermaid.  It hit her in the head and the next day her body washed ashore resembling a well-fed female child with fully developed breasts.  Henry Hudson documented sightings of merfolks while traveling off of the coast of Russia.  Matthew Trewhella, a Cornish choristser. was lured into the ocean with the entrancing song of the mermaid.  Other claim have been made bust lost along the way. 

This item contains a spiritual connection between the host and a mermaid entity we got during an investigation done on our behalf in South America.  It actually holds a mermaid in spiritual form.  The piece allows spiritual shapeshifting into a mermaid entity.  This doesn't mean you are going to grow gills.  It means that you mind will be transformed and you will be given visions of the aquatic world of the merfolk. 

Merfolk are an advanced civilization of beings that lives beneath sea level in a network of elaborately decorated underwater caves.  They are highly intelligent and fully in touch with their spiritual selves.  They are high-mind individuals and possess powers that include psychic and telepathic energy, as well as the ability of mind entrance.  Hence, the beautiful song they sing to captivate those humans they may want to entice into the water.  Additionally, the mermaid in this piece will bring you water alchemy, which is a magic that is used by divining water and drinking it to achieve desired effects on your own body, such as the powers to manifest love, wealth, etc. 

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