You see, the is that when you don't have a separate church and government, then people from the government start telling others what they can and cannot believe. They start infringing upon the personal freedoms that each individual deserves to have. Take for instance the salem Witch trials of early American civilization. They were ludicrous claims about people that should have had the write to practice whatever religion they wanted to, anyhow. Witches were killed at the stake for their beliefs, or supposed beliefs. It's not okay. Now, fast forward to 2011, go to saudi Arabia, and you will find the same thing. In Spring of 2011 one Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was beheaded on charges of sorcery. Her charges? Curing people's illnesses. Of course, Saudi officials set her up to look like a scam artist, but other accounts told differently-- they told tales of a lady whose magic could actually cure their illness and disease. Basically, what it boils down to is that she was executed for her method of doing things and for what she believed in. What are they going to start executing for next? Having the favorite color red? I mean, c'mon. Anyway, we are fortunate enough to have connections to one of Ms. Nasser's surviving relatives. They were kind enough to share a few of Ms. Nasser's items with us. This particular item holds the healing properites of the beheaded sorceress. She specialized in healing powers, so naturally these powers are going to be potent. To activate the powers, all you have to do is bond with the piece until you begin to feel the energy flow through your body. Once you feel the energy, it means the healing has begun. This piece will do two distinct types of healing. It will help to ease any ailments that you have currently, as well has give you physical protection from obtaining future ailments, sicknesses, disease, etc. The other way it will help is by giving you complete spiritual healing. It is said that with a completely repaired soul, it is fairly difficult to undergo physical ailments, because the human essence and core is the soul. This piece will give you the highest spiritual and aura cleansing. This will also allow you to heal others. This piece is as strong and powerful as the Alien Healing Items that we had before. I mean, they aren't alien in nature and the magic is slightly different, but it definitely has equal effects!! THIS ITEM IS JUST METAL AND THAT IS ALL IT HAS TO BE. AFTER WEARING IT A WHILE THE ABILITY TO HEAL WILL STILL BE WITH YOU AND THERE WON'T BE A NEED TO WEAR IT. THE HEALING WILL COME FROM YOUR OWN HANDS. YOU WILL NOT EVEN NEED TO TOUCH THE PERSON BUT TO JUST HAVE YOUR HANDS A FEW INCHES FOR THEIR BODY. THIS IS A BRACELET.
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