This is a fantastic, mystical lamp that houses its very own Genie ~! The Genie of this mystic lamp is very accomplished and is extraordinarily helpful.

You will be invoked with the blessings of the Genie, which through testing have been noted to be:

  • Exceptionally increased luck
  • Advancement in your career, and social status
  • Protection from psychic attacks, negative forces, spirits, accidents, and aggressors
  • You will become ectremely alluring, and attractive to all those around you
  • Gain enrichments that will command ease of debts
  • Connections to bring forth your soul-mate

The Genie works under divine command~! This will take your prayers of need, and submit them to the Heavenly Hosts, which then will assign the Genie the task to bless you with his abilities.

The Genie's name is Arctivan, and he will be your constant companion and you may sense his presence regularly--you may even see him under the right conditions.

There is a purple stone within this lamp that will radiate and pull your desires and dreams from your body as you hold it, and then when placed back in the lamp will begin the process after your prayer vidual to the Hosts~!

Why wait any longer for the things you have always wished you could have?!

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