These are vampires that belong to the Sanctum of the Midnight Sun. These Vampires use an old magic that is specifically for eternal turning. Not only do they provide that service but all that comes with it. Blood drinking is not part of this magic.

You will need to pick between the darker ones and the light beings. All hold the same power but one of white light and one of dark. Each holds a lust to serve and teach.

These are ancient vampires that hold all the ability of normal vampires and then some. These are wealthy,manipulative to what is good for you,physically changing,magnets for other vampires,mind connection to all living things and so much more. They collect a higher power in strange ways,they all get together and at times there can be more in your home but they all leave at some point. They do belong to the Sanctum of the Midnight sun,it is the only Sun they can see but it gives them the power of the other side.

You will be happy with these vampires because you will get that same power and allure. These are real pearls and gemstones
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