Persian physician Avicenna was optimized for his writings and understanding of medicine. His scriptures became standard works in the Muslim world, and in Europe.<br /><br />

Among his many innovations was his understanding of the effect of emotions on physiological processes, and names of various places and people.<br /><br />

In one case he noticed that the patient's pulse quickened when certain names were mentioned, and from this deduced that his patient was in love with a certain young woman. <br /><br />

He immediately recommended marriage as the cure, and soon after the wedding the man had completely recovered. <br /><br />

Ailments in many are due to the fundamental practices of the heart; not that there is an issue with how it pumps blood, but rather how it is affected emotionally from the levels of remission that are cast upon it in life.<br /><br />

Dr. Avicenna's approach to medicine and studies of love, brought upon the testing for a cure to being love sick.<br /><br />

The enrichment of prosperity came forth when a modern day phsycologist merged his ideals with a physician and they were able to utilize Avicenna's knowledge to bring forth the properties of fluid powers that cast love and happiness in our bodies.<br /><br />

After years of studies, a clinical manifestation brought forth the understanding of chemicals that emit relevance into the energies of our auras.<br /><br />

This finding allured witch doctors and hence the emergence of pure ecstasy in the hearts of humans.<br /><br />

We were able to get 1 of the 100 heart tokens that were made that were invoked with the alliance of emergence that will forecast true love into your life.<br /><br />

This piece has a silver toned heart that holds the conjuring recollection of Dr. Avicenna --- his ideals of innovations brought forth the powers to revel the emotions you are feeling and will attract others with the same unassurance of the heart. You will be like a magnet pulling in, and attracting, those who will intervene appropriately to bring you happiness and serenity.<br /><br />

It is a protection amulet to help you find love that will not harm or hurt you.<br /><br />

Once you bond and the powers invoke you to meet your true love, you will want to have yours and your partners name engraved on the heart of this piece and that will sanctify your connection and strengthen the powers even more to keep your love everlasting!<br /><br />

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