Most of you will not know what the dimension of MADE is unless you know VM. I found out about it a long time ago and was given a piece by him that originally came from a toy maker. I decided to give it a try last night and it was very weird but in the end a good thing for me,not so much for VM.

I took the piece to bed with me and had the strangest dream all night long. When I first entered the dream I was told I was entering not a dream but the dimension of MADE. I'm guessing this is being spelled right. This is how it started.

I was in a car with Daisy, Skipper and Lindy and we were heading to this hotel which was supposed to be a vacation spot in the middle of the Bronx NY. Who would even go there? We pull up and it had a regular entrance and also a side entrance where you climbed up three flights of rickety old wood steps. I was not thrilled as I'm scared of heights. You could stand at the top and see into NYC,we were staying on the Jersey side. About ten feet from our back door was the bridge into the city and if you took a left before the bridge you went into a neighborhood in Jersey that had all black people. The black people reminded me of the Candyman,I will tell you why later.

We get into our rooms and Skipper had his own because he gets on our nerves with all his sports and other man crap. Less then 20 minutes after getting into the rooms Skipper was going on about how he was bored and wanted to go into the neighborhood to find a basketball court ( we swear he is black). He would not stop complaining and Lindy was tired so I said okay I will take him so he shuts his mouth. I told him he was driving and I better not have to listen to rap crap.

We get into the neighborhood and all these black people were staring at us which didn't bother me because I smelled a bar-b que cooking and thought I would make friends with the natives. That didn't exactly happen but they sure were friendly. They were very,very black and had big white eyes and teeth.

Before I go on for those of you that do not know me I like black people and have no problem with them. I don't date them but they do fascinate me. I like looking at them,I like it a lot when they are very,very black. When I was little the only time I heard about them was from Howard Stern on the radio or when my Dad brought his best friend over because he was black and the hair always interested me and the way he talked. I couldn't understand a thing he said but he was funny and looked funny to me too. The town I lived in was Pitman NJ and they didn't have black people. The first time I went into NYC was when I saw a ton of them and was thrilled! Enough about the black people because you can see them everywhere now.

Where was I?

Okay,yes we were in the neighborhood. So we were driving and looking for the basketball court and since the hood was looking kinda violated and desolate I thought well no one can see me make a fool of myself so I will play some basketball too. Then Skipper said he forgot his ball but that it was okay because when gun shots ring out people drop what they have and run and so we would find a ball already on the court. Good enough for me I thought. We finally locate the court and are sitting next to it when this little black boy comes up and tells us we are very lucky be in his hood. We ask him why and he says because we have the hut of magic. I asked where it was and he said over there. So We drive over and he stands next to us and says you will see faces on posters and your hands will find the key. Then he ran off to across the street where all these black people had gathered to watch us. I was in the passengers seat and Skipper was driving so he was pulled up to it. I looked out my window to see everyone on the other side of the street looking at us and not saying a word. They were not even moving,just standing watching us,it was a little weird.

I'm starving right now and want some lasagna and some homo milk but someone put it in the freezer. I will be right back.

The little boy yelled to us and said " it will give you anything you want,just play with it". This place was made of wood and very small. It was only about three feet wide and 6 ft tall. There was no door and only pictures of people on it. Both of us were staring at it and trying to figure out what to do with it. Then along comes this white guy about in his forties and he had brown blond hair and looked like a rough biker farmer if there is such a thing. He stood by Skippers window and told him to move his fingers to one of the faces and that his fingers would work by themselves. So he took his hand and placed it onto this one picture and his fingers began to move and it moved in numbers and they began to appear from nowhere. The numbers were 1-3-5-7 and the number 1 was all the way to the left,the number three was in the center,number five made a point at the bottom and the 7 made a point at the top. So it made a kinda of half star. When his fingers began to move very fast and he was repeating the numbers over and over again the man reached in the car and began to strangle Skipper. He wanted him dead and that was his intentions. He began yelling that you can't have those numbers. I was unable to move in the car because of some type of spell or something that was placed on me. The man began to turn into a demon and yelled that I would not destroy nor keep the power of darkness.

Something made me look to my left out the window and a star appeared that spoke to me and asked what I wanted, Sure I could have asked for peace on earth and goodwill towards men or money but oh no,I asked for one thing. I said shotgun. Before I knew it the shot gun was in my hands and I braced myself against the door because I knew it would have a kick. I aimed and blew the guys face open. He was blown open from his head to his chest and he was bleeding stringy stuff and blood with brains. Skipper was in shock and so was Daisy who went with us. I said get the hell out of the car and help me get him into the trunk. Skipper was a zombie so I had to slap him a few times which I didn't mind that much. I got him in the trunk and then took some dirt to my tags because the black people were yelling to call the cops and in no way was I getting caught in this damn dimension with this crap going on.

We get back to the hotel and I tell Daisy to go up and get some blankets and place them in her suitcase so no one see's her carry them out. When she gets back we roll him up and stuff him in the suitcase and roll him into the hotel. This was easy to do because I blew away his bones down to his chest so I could fold him over pretty easy.

Once we get him up to the hotel I lay him in the one bed and keep the covers on him. We were to be there for four days so I did not want to leave early and look suspicious. The problem was I never told Lindy even though she wanted to know what was on the other bed. Plus he started to really smell bad and he was making noise like gas was escaping him. Then I had to tell her and she rolled him over and bad noise was coming from him and the smell was starting to get really bad after we moved him. so then we had to tell her what happened but she was glad Skipper was still alive.

Now we have one day left to go and we are trying to think of how to dispose of him and get him from the hotel. The first thing we had to do was to replace the bed blankets so no one would know they were gone. We decided to weigh him down and throw him in the river after we poked holes in him so that gas would not make him rise to the top.

Before we were to check out the next day Lindy decides to go get something to eat so our brains work right. She picks uo her pocketbook and underneath it was a Ranchella! It was black and white stripped and evil with fangs and it was big. So I started to scream because spiders are always after me. They hotel people came and caught it and they did not see the dead body thank GOD! I went out into the hallway and the hotel man said look he loves you and if you don't take him we will be forced to slaughter him. I looked at that huge hairy spider and felt bad for it so it crawled on my arm and tried to be my friend. Then it went on the floor and I petted it and then it began to grow very elongated and it's spikes on the end of it's legs turned into cat paws and it's big belly turned into a cat belly but but it stil kept it's spider head and eight eyes and legs. Then it telecommunicated to me that it loved me so I kept it. Even though it made me sick to look at it's face.

We then got the body out of the hotel disposed of it and went home. This is when I woke up. I woke up with Vm's ring on my finger and is face in mine. He yelled for me to give him back his ring ASAP! Then this star was blinding me and it it spoke and said " you control his power now,he can do no more evil if you have it,you can make him your slave and you need to. You need to bind him and keep the power of the ring for all that is good. Never underestimate the power"

So this is what is for sale. Not the dimension of made but VM's ring of power. This ring controls him. He becomes your slave. If he has bothered you,if you want that kind of power,the ability to rule over the illuminati,the European secret splendor,it is all yours now. He might ask for it but do not give it to him. This is powerful!

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