This piece is solid sterling silver and has two points on the end. It opens up so you may place it on and is one hell of a piece!

Why I love this.

I love this piece because I have a few different ones but it saves me from having to wear multiple items when you need more then one. This piece will take all your pieces and allow them to be placed in this one piece so you have everything with you. You have no idea how many times you will need multiple items and yet do you really want to wear everything you own? Not really as it can be a fashion disaster!

We have two of these pieces that we are giving up at this time unless Steve or Jason wants to give up what they have. I did not ask but mine I need to keep. At least one of us needs to have one when we go out.

There are two ways to get these to work and I can either do it for you and place all your items inside it or you can do it yourself which is very easy. I prefer that you do it yourself because of the Holiday Season and I would not know how long it takes unless I knew what you had.

It is easy for you to do yourself but will take a few days. This piece is designed for dual magic and will hold everything,that is what the points are for. When we have used this we have amazing results and believe me it is not hard to use and everything is at your fingertips.

We will also add one piece to it of your choice for you IF we can. An example of what we can not add would be the Holy Ring as some things are energy and spirit to themselves and can't be removed. If you have questions please ask. The reason that could not be added is because of what it is. This item being dual will not hold a pure white light such as that.
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