ASC (and Sex for ME!!) As a scientific term, the phrase Altered State of Consciousness wasn't coined until the 1900s by a man named Charles Tart, who was born in 1937 and still lives today. I mean, you know human tendency. They can never let sleeping dogs lie; they need and explanation for everything. Well, some things are better left unexplained, unless by means of what they really are... magic and magical energy. This piece was designed with our witch, Grizzelle and she has been working on it for you guys for the past three months now. It is a piece that reacts with your mind in a way that allows for an Altered State of Consciousness. The importance? Well, she has managed to craft this piece around past life regression. Using this piece, your subconscious will take over, allowing your past lives to be regressed. You will be able to bond with and to know your past lives entirely. It will take the shards of existence, including the one that you are currently living out now, and glue them all together allowing your mind to become one total existence. This will release the powers, magic, and alchemy of your soul. You will be in your universal, true form, your third eye will be open, and your psychic abilities will be maximized. This piece is incredible!! Don't let it pass you by. Oh, I almost for got. There are certain things you can do to bolster the power in this piece. You can meditate, practice yoga or zen, or you can induce the powers of this piece using sexual energy!! Sex energy is very potent and I'm sure you've heard us mention about how powerful it is, because when you are climaxing you hit an alternate state of consciousness that is very high on the plain of existence. While testing this piece I was able to use it to obtain the powers of psychic dreaming. I could either force myself to dream something, making it come true, or dream something that would come true prior to it actually happening!! Again, don't miss out!! ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: WE ARE OFF DOING TRANSFORMATIONS And services this week. We will be back on the 5th. Steve will be adding stuff on this week. Please be sure to read the shipping policy. AGAIN, WE HAVE NEW BUYERS AND WE TRAVEL OFTEN. PLEASE *CAREFULLY* READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY. IF YOU BUY ON A MONDAY THERE IS NO WAY, NEITHER IN HEAVEN, NOR HELL, YOU WILL GET YOUR ITEM BY WEDNESDAY. WE HAVE A 10-DAY SHIPPING POLICY!!!! MOST OFTEN THAN NOT YOU GET YOUR ITEM BEFORE THAT BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT. IF YOU IN ANOTHER COUNTRY IT CAN TAKE LONGER. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS. WE ALSO DO NOT SIT ON OUR COMPUTERS LIKE FREAKS AND HAVE TO TRAVEL,GO TO THE BATHROOM AND EVEN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. ALSO IF YOU PLACE AN ITEM IN THE SHIPPING CART AND DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. WE WILL NO LONGER GO BACK AND FORTH EMAILING PEOPLE TO PAY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.
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