This piece holds 7 immortals that do everything from wealth to love,education,higher spirituality,business and everything in between. To use this item you only need to call the name of the immortal you desire to help you,that is it. There are no rituals,no offerings,nothing,just ask for what you need done. Why this items works. This item belonged to a lady in Pa who was on welfare due to her husband leaving her. She had three kids and went from living in a modest apartment to living in a weekly hotel filled with other welfare people. Many of these people were living well from selling drugs or hooking and collecting the state welfare check,food stamps and anything else they could get. These people were not looking for work nor did they want any. The lifestyle was not one she was used to. She had to go onto welfare because of the three kids since day care was so high she would not have made enough to cover child care! One day while shopping for food that she and her family could eat out of a can since they had no oven she ran into her old next door neighbor. She had usually only said hi and bye in passing but the lady asked her how she was doing and what had happened. She explained it to her in the grocery store over coffee ( we have coffee shops in our grocery here) as she explained it all to her the woman felt bad. She told her she could help her and gave her the bracelet. Sharon was very skeptical but figured in her situation that nothing could hurt. The woman did tell her that they were Asian immortals and how to use them. Sharon kinds humored her but did call upon them. With in the next week she was offered a job with full day care because she would be working in another lady's house. This woman was older,in a good school district and did not mind the children. Her house was huge and Sharon was able to check on her kids and do her job. A few months later she was going to bed feeling great as she had put money away and was doing great. As she laid her her head down an Asian looking man with a very long beard stood by her bed and told her to open her own business taking care of older people. She knew this was one of the immortals and they are very into taking care of the elderly. Her concern was that she would not have child care. The immortal told her not to worry about it. She did as she was told and with in the month she was hiring others to send out on jobs. In the next month she was contacted by the court that child support was now on the way including all back support. She was now running her business and has never gone under! In happiness she offered the immortals oranges and garlic. She did not have to but that is what she did. You too will happy!
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