This is a very simple little item.  There isn't an epic backstory to the piece.  We got the piece at an estate sale in New Jersey.  It was in some strange little town that Deedee took us to through the woods and up a couple of back highways.  I don't really know where we were.  Either way,   this item is a product of that particular sale.  I actually felt a vibe from this piece when I picked it up to look at it.  I explained this to Deedee, sho she put in a bid for the item.  We won, go us! 

Later, when I was able to test this piece, I deterined that the spark that helped me develop an immediate connection with this piece is the Arion, an ancient Oracular spirit horse. 

It is said that when Poseidon and Demeter coupled, it was in the form of horses.  I know, it seems kind of strange to me too, but everybody has their fetishes, apparently even the gods.  Either way, Demeter bore two horse twins, one named Despoena  and Arion. 

Arion is a handsome steed, bred strong and given immortality.  He is an oracular spirit, given the ability to see directly into the realm of gods to summon them.  He can be invoked for information and divination from the other side.  He is a fully talking horse, but will most like communicate with you via telepathy and psychic reasoning. 

This piece holds Arion's presence.  You will be able to use this piece to look into the heavens awhere you will see what really waits for us in the sky!  You will be given powers to summon any god from the Greek pantheon, whose legacies have been kept alive through modern day witchcraft!!  You can use this piece to obtain information from the otherside, such as visions of the future and the dawning of the New Age. 

Like I said, this piece is simple in understanding what it can do; that never means lacking in power!!  This piece is just as powerful as any other!  Enjoy!

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