This is pure vampire power that comes with an ancient from Brazil. He is not my cup of tea but if you like those type of men then he will be for you.

His personality is,you know it's really hard to say because he has a dash of everything,kindaù He is very nice but at times can have a temper and can be very stubborn. He can be beyond hot in the bedroom but can also be a quiet type when not in the bed room.

The one thing I really like about him is he is a master in his magic and takes it seriously.  He is able to shift into another type of body and have the abilities of the creature he takes on. This is not something common in a vampire but his interests have always been with the supernatural. Being around as long as he has he has learned from some of the best.

His estimated age is around 2,000.00 years and he did not always live in Brazil. He was taken there by the owner previous to the last.

He is very powerful.

While he is not my type I can say he is extremely powerful. It's just that our personalities do not hit it off that well.

It's like with anyone,some you hit it off with and others you don't.

He went with a woman I know and they really hit it off so it's just a personality thing.

He is willing to give you the energy he has and he does not take energy from you. In fact when he is around you will feel as if your on some serious injections of energy.

He will become part of the family because he needs that and seeks it. When he realizes or you tell him he is there to stay he will begin to give you abilities as well.
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