The Tibetan Rites represent a system of exercise that affects the body, emotions and mind. The Tibetans claim that these exercises activate and stimulate the seven key chakras that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system. <br /><br />

The endocrine system is responsible for the body's overall functioning and aging process. This means that the Five Rites will affect the functioning of all your organs and systems, including the physical and energetic systems and that includes the aging process. The man who brought these Five Rights out of Tibet stated that "performing the Five Rites stimulates the circulation of essential life energy throughout the body".<br /><br />

The Tibetan Rites have been tested and exerted by Occultists for centuries. The affects of the routined exercise implores a rationalize surge of mysticism in the body. This heightened level of elusiveness enlightens the body and makes you more intune with your self.<br /><br />

Most people find it hard to make time to exercise, or simply do not wish to do so. This piece has been empowered with the elements and energies that would evade you if you took on the full ritual of the rites.<br /><br />

With this piece your body will feel rejuvinated and youthful. You will notice a glow about your skin and feel better in your clothing. The exersion of energies will even make you want to be more active. Testers stated that they wanted to be outside; many started walking, or running, and others took up new activities which in turn with the elements of power in the piece brought them into a new body!<br /><br />

*This is the piece many have longed to find --- do not miss out on it!<br /><br />

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