Shamanic teachings are that the soul is free to leave the body. Ours souls leave our body spontaneously while we dream, and usually roam free, and without control. Shaman's learn to control this Soul Flight and use it to communicate, heal, and experience the spiritual and physical planes.

The Shamanic Soul Flight, or Soul Journey, happens when you are able to transform your consciousness so that part or all of your soul can safely leave your body, and you have awareness and control of your destination and/or experience. As an example of the difference between a Soul Journey and dreaming, understand this: While dreaming, you may feel you are a bird, feel yourself gliding on the wind. During a Soul Flight experience, your soul enters the bird, and you will feel the muscles in the wings pulsing as they beat, , the ruffling of feathers, the scream of the wind in your beak, the freedom of the skies. It is a separate and unique experience from dreaming.

The Soul Journey is a spiritual tool that can be used in many ways. On the spiritual plane, you can connect with your guardians and guides. This is a safe place for working through any issues you may have, and getting assistance from the spirit world. Like a meditation, you will have the opportunity to visit with your higher self, or relatives that have passed. You will have the ability to work through past traumas and negative experiences and purge them from your soul. You can interact with elemental spirits and animal spirits. If you are a natural healer, you can journey within yourself and heal ills, or you can travel to another person and heal them.

The ability to naturally experience Soul Flight is dependent on the Shaman's ability to slow down the mind and completely shut down the part of the brain responsible for critical thought. Many of us have trouble doing this, and so never fully experience the amazing Journey of the Soul. Even in Native American cultures, many Shaman's are chosen because they have had a near-death experience, thus, it is believed, opening the doorway to expansive thinking and Shamanic astral travel.

We all possess the natural ability to Soul Journey. This item is all genuine Turquoise, and gives the ability for Soul Flight. Using this item, your critical brain will log-off for a while, and you will have a controlled and lucid Soul Flight, to experience the adventures that await you on the spiritual plane. You will connect your soul and mind and have a full-blown and vivid Shamanic experience. This is a special and one-of-a-kind Native American item!

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