ADDED DEC 4 08 These are hand made rings that held nothing in them until Raviniska placed her energy inside. Being that she was created and conjured her energy and her being is very different then ours. This means that when she comes near people or other beings she picks up that power and that energy. She is often having to wipe her lifeline clean as to not pass on anything negative. When you think of all those that she has been in contact with you can only imagine the power of these rings. She has meet great kinds and even the witch of Endor. She has played among the angels that walked the earth. She has conversed with some of the greatest minds. Raviniska has seen the many wonders of the world and taken that energy to store along with all it's magical power. If a person or being she was next to was of a magical origin then she now holds that same power. These rings are done so that you all can experience this greatness. These can be worn around the neck or on the ring finger. You need to have them touch your skin. There is also one more thing to these and that is that you must decide what you will keep and get rid of. As you know have the same power that she has to collect the energy. The other thing that these rings do is to capture the energy and power of those now on the astral plan. To do this you must know the full name of the person or being you wish to empower yourself with. These are very serious rings. They are all glass to keep the price low. if you wish for something in gold or sterling please let me know and they take about a week to have her do. They also will be priced higher. To remove a specific energy that you may come into contact with I will give you very simple instructions to do this. You will get one of the ones you see here. The price you see here is very inexpensive so get them while you can.

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