Entering the Reign of the Realms<br /><br />

Human beings have stumbled into these realms accidentally and haphazardly since the dawn of time, and it is true, thr realms are strange at first, and there can be a lot of strangeness going on.<br /><br />

Also, people who stray into these realms and don't know what they're doing can get themselves hurt, can annoy the wrong entities, get the wrong end of the stick - big time.<br /><br />

Which is why many societies, religions and so forth have "forbidden" people to enter there, on the grounds that it's just too dangerous; but that's not the real truth. Inside the realms there lies absolute freedom, escape beyond the control of societies and religions miracles, along with the absolute truth.<br /><br />

Once a person has touched even a little tail end of a real truth, they can soon tell the lies and nonsense that people will try to feed you and use to control you from the cradle to the grave!<br /><br />

We have discovered an amazing item allows you direct access to the realms that normally only shamans and magical folk who have.<br /><br />

This discovery has frightened those who wish to rule us and control us more than words can say, and so they've made it their business to do the best they can to keep people away from the other realms, one way or the other, even often without knowing what they were doing or why, as teachers and lecturers, priests and physicians become unwitting agents and border guards to make sure people never dream, never experience out of body travel, don't have new ideas, don't fantasize outside the realms of what they decree should be good for us.<br /><br />

We have been brought up with tremendous barriers not allowing us to enter into the other realms.<br /><br />

We've been told you go mad there, that devils live there who will suck out your soul, that you can't live a decent life with a family and find love if you go there; that is all hideous and dangerous and painful and nothing could be further from the truth.<br /><br />

The realms are unbelievable and full of intensity and power. You are hindered from there due to the unbeknown strength that some people would not be able to handle.<br /><br />

After over a year of research we have been able to conclude that this piece is ready to be used by a new person. You will be able to explore the realm being protected by this amulet. <br /><br />

You will be witness to the most amazing power that lies in this sanctuary of unlimited potential. No more will you feel that you have missed out on opportunity, this is the creme de le creme of all majestic and magic power!<br /><br />

Do not miss out on the chance to use this piece as your key to the protected, enchanted lands that lie within the outskirts of our Universe.<br /><br />

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