We love it when we can get these which hasn't been for a few years because of the man that does them said he was retiring and then went back to work. We get these out of California from a 60 year old man that is an adept. These pieces are called blood work labyrinths. What these do is mold to you and who you are and give you control over other planets and the aspects of them. What this means is that you can control your destiny with out hurdles as well as those around you. When we are born and take our first breath it is our blue print on life. We are all unique and born of the heavens. This blue print can include squares and obstacles that stop us from reaching full potential. With these being made of Copper it works with your body chemistry and clears you of all obstacles and squares in your life. This will also help you to find a soul mate that was pre-destined for you and help you to control others of other star signs. This is not a mind control at all as it is nothing dark or dual. When I say control it means it won't allow others to stop you from doing what you need to. If one is a lover it will help you to have them see things from your view and to understand. It will also allow you to become much more attractive to the other signs and communicate better. Lastly it will bring about all the good in your sign and magnify that as well as taking from other signs so that you are a powerful spirit in flesh. The one Aquarius sign that is in purple is not made of copper but does the same thing. He does some of these so that anyone not wanting to wear the copper can also get the benefits of these. To use any of these pieces you will turn it over to the back side and place a drop of blood onto the back. This breathes life into your piece which is now only for you and then it begins it's journey of empowerment! I have been using mine for years and it has removed all the negative of my sign and corrected my planets. These really are great piece and Ryan puts a lot of work into them. He doesn't play around and he and Lindy often work together. She is amazing when it comes to doing charts and compatibility charts. If you ever want to know about you and another persons love relationship,call her!! She does not use a computer,it's expensive but worth it! THE ONE YOUR LOOKING AT NOW IS THE CAPRICORN,I ONLY HAVE ONE OF THE CAPRICORN.
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