There are some things that you can never get more then one of and this is one of them. He is called the Red Twinkle and while his name might not sound powerful,it just does not matter. He is called the Red Twinkle because in a twinkle of space and time he gets what you command of him. He is a wizard of the red planet before it died.

The magic of war and sex is what the planet stands for. His specialty was not war nor sex but all things possible.

His last living time as human was in Rome where he gave out to the people his magical rituals and secrets. Vm has a box just like this one which is able to do anything.

On the back of the small box is an opening in which you must insert hair,bone or blood.

All the wealth is yours,all the power is yours,and ancient magic is there for you.

There is no such thing as a mythical creature for you,you gain them,you control them. Red Twinkle is strong,and teaches with a force. Don't let the name fool you. If it wasn't real I would have given him a name sounding more powerful but this is his name.

You will add this to a chain of your choosing and wear him proudly because you are going to become a true and real lost wizard. All the things that are hidden from us,all those magics that we need are now revealed to you.

Red showed up out of nowhere in the antiquated times of Rome in order to leave a legacy. This cannow be yours.
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