This one is amazing! I have used it and I love it. It is the same as being a medium for your long lost Atlantean relatives (if you have them!) But even if you don't you become a medium for messages that need to be delivered.  Not only that but when you touch people with your hands and you have this on you leave them with something.

There is a certain way you must touch them and that will be given to you in email. This ring is a size 7 and could be adjusted. It is made out of brass or bronze,not sure on that one and it is very old. it also looks old.

Before buying you do need to know that when you hold it and look into it you COULD get dizzy or feel as if you are not here.

The only reason it is in the sale section is because some people do not like that and I do not know if it will happen to you or not.

Some of you may be able to look into the picture and get the same feeling. I know that I can. This item works great and I personally really like it. I would have put a much higher price on it except that I don't want anyone trying to send it back saying it made them dizzy.

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