I like this one because of how powerful it is and where it came from. The story is unusual but after testing the item I believe it.

A woman in Florida was out on a boat just sitting and relaxing. She had no prior psychic ability,no nothing. She was wearing the crystal because she liked the way the light hit it and made beautiful colors.

Her husband was asleep inside because it was a vacation and he usually worked nights and it was the first day they had off.

As she sat there looking at the water she saw this beam coming out of the ocean and she just watched it. Then it looked like it was coming at her to hit her so she gets up to leave and it struck her.

it felt like a heavy hit but did not hurt and then she felt as if someone had given her an injection into her main arteries. Still it did not hurt her.

That evening her husband decides to get up and they eat and as she is telling him what happened she began to get voices telling her to look into the water and dive. She did not do this until morning.

The next morning when she did she saw a being with a human body but that was translucent. The being held her in its arms and said it was going to give her the gifts of the ancients.

She felt a deep love and a deeper power inside of her.

She then became a channel for the Atlantean beings with the energy being placed into the crystal. I have used this and I can tell you I had FULL communication with them

I can use it as a pendulum but I mainly use it for communication. This is one of a kind and I have no more.
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