This pendant isn't one that we got ourselves, rather it was brought to us by Tomer the last time we met up with him.  As you all know, he is an immortal vampire and he often finds himself traveling to different parts of existence for whatever reasons.  He's more a vigilante vampire, so a lot of times he finds himself fight evil forces, kind of like the Benandanti.  This particular time, his calling found him in the realms of Atlantis.  I'm not really sure what for, because he is a very secretive type of person.  He tells us some stuff, but other things he doesn't tell us at all.  This was one of the "other" things, but judging by the power of the reward that he got for his services, I'm guessing that it was something serious.  Maybe he'll tell me later, I didn't really push the issue.  Besides, we were meeting to discuss another client's transformation, so why he was in Atlantis really wasn't pertinent at that point in time.  
While in Atlantis, Tomer was given this item.  He in turn gave it to us, because when you are an immortal vampire that is capable of just about any power known to humankind and beyond, there really is no need for the piece that he got.  This is all despite the piece being very, very powerful.  The stone itself is not a stone of this mortal realm, but one that was chipped off of the capstone of one of the great pyramids that exist in the realms of Atlantis.  After the great deluge, the fate of each Atlantean was pretty much up to the circumstance that surrounded them.  Some of them went on to establish the other mystic races of the world, bring secrets such as the Great Pyramids to the Earth.  Others slipped away into the realm, which is also where a collection of grandiose pyramids were relocated and refreshed.  Now, in their own little realms, the left over people of Atlantis flourish greatly.  It is because of the knowledge that the pyramids bring to them.  They all exist as Gods who are capable to replicated any power that they can dream up in their mind.  This is because in their new form, they can pull these power directly from their own mind and turn them into tangible powers that they can use in real life.  It is a process called thought extraction.  Very few humans are capable of this process.  
This stone, however, is a chuck of the capstone of one of the great pyramids of Atlantis.  With this stone, thought extraction will become a reality for you.  This piece will give you an Atlantean Healing that will open your third eye, which will act like a portal through which you can see the new realms of Atlantis, their pyramids, and their beings that exist as deities.  It is literally like visiting a realm of gods, because the beings there have become even more powerful than God's angels.  Like I said, they can literally materialize their thoughts and dreams into reality, as far as powers and abilities are concerned.  This is the power that this piece is going to give you.  When you get this piece, you can wear it as a necklace if you want.  That having been said, the real power is going to come when you place this piece on top of your forehead.  You will feel a spark of power begin to sizzle like bacon on a stove.  It won't hurt, but you will definitely feel the connection.  This is when you will be pulled through and given the ability to see all through the metaphysical windows that will show you Atlantis.
It is at this moment that you will be able to think any power into existence.  All you have to do is put a power into a thought form inside of your brain.  The power in this piece will then allow you to pull this thought form from your brain, after which it will become a real-life energy form.  This energy form will turn into a power when you return to the mortal realm.  The new power will have been placed in your necklace.  In order to use the power, you must be wearing the necklace when you want the power to take effect.  For example, if you have pulled a wealth power from out of your brain, you must then where this necklace when going to the casino, playing the lottery, etc.  It's not a very hard process and you can literally bring to life the deepest darkest desires of your brain, simply by putting them into thought form.  For instance, you can dream up a sex spirit that when you use this piece, will come to you, to be your kinky little sex slave or whatever it is that you want.  The possibilities are limitless.  This is how the beings in the new realm of Atlantis became even more powerful than they were before, by bringing their thought forms to life! 
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