Atomic Mind Control

During World War II, under President Harry Truman, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. The first bomb was nicknamed “Little Boy”, and was detonated over Hiroshima, Japan. The second bomb was much larger and was nickname “Fat Man”. This bomb was detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. These events were, of course, tragic in their own right, and would create conditions that would have negative, adverse effects on the Japanese for generations. The adverse conditions include excessive hair loss, brain damage, heart conditions, and genetic dispositions such as physical mutation.

What isn’t commonly known is that while the effects of the atomic bombs were immediately devastating for the Japanese, there was a light at the end of a sixty-five year old tunnel. Fast-forward to present day Tokyo, Japan. I was sent on an investigation here, to see what I could find out about atomic mind control. A certain individual had stepped forward from the masses, confiding in me to help her unravel this unsolved mystery. This was a serious mission, so as soon as I landed, my client, Amaya, and I got down to business.

Amaya gave me the background on what was going on. As it turns out, she was one of many chosen to undergo a series of experiments at the hand of the Japanese government. Actually, the experiments were carried out by a fraternity of scientists that were under the employ of the Japanese government. The experiments were being conducted because the fraternity had discovered a connection between voluntary subjects that were exposed to lingering radiation in Japanese soil and the ability to move things with their mind. After testing several subjects and the surroundings from which the subjects came, the scientists were able to make a new discovery. There was an undiscovered mineral compound in the drinking water of these two cities. When combined with the small traces of uranium that were left over from the bombings in 1945, the people began to develop abilities.

In 2004, the reports were leaked from the fraternity to the Japanese Government. When the Japanese government found out what was going on, rather than overtaking the fraternity, they subsidized the funding of additional projects. The newly aligned team developed a fraternity with a system of bureaucracy, naming it the Japanese Rediscovery Force (JRF) and classifying membership and the information held within. The team began abducting residents, forcing them to submit to testing at the hand of the JRF, threatening harm to themselves and family members if they did not cooperate.

Amaya was one such subject, who, by the graces of God, was able to escape the clutches of the JRF. She was orphaned at a young age and had no idea who her biological family was, so she wasn’t too worried about the JRF finding out about her. She took me to the only entrance of their headquarters, which is hidden deep underground, beneath Tokyo. The entrance is only accessible thru a secret room on the basement floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Luckily, her identification number and fingerprint combination were still fresh and gained us entrance into the lair.

Once we were in, it was a simple matter of obtaining information about the project, securing it, and getting out unnoticed and unscathed. We searched several rooms, gaining access to a security brief that provided the following information. At first, the subjects were simply able to move objects without accommodation of physical touch. The fraternity had been able to genetically and chemically engineer the subjects in such a way that the subjects could now control the thoughts and minds of other individuals. Finally, the Japanese government had forced the fraternity to figure out a way of dismantling the brain functions of the subject and transferring the energy of their brainwaves to items that would store the energy until implemented by a new subject. The new subject would simply touch the item that the previous subject's energy was transferred into, obtaining all the abilities of the previous subject. Thus, the fraternity had developed a way to drain the life from a few subjects, following which they figured out a way to replicate the energies synthetically.

The fraternity is now in possession of the synthetic energy, with which they can control the minds of the masses by communicating through a series of high frequency radio waves that will communicate with the brain, forcing an individual to succumb to whatever was communicated by the radio wave. They have also developed an item that when in your possession will deliver a neurological antigen that will prohibit you from falling prone mind control.

After reading this brief, which contained a facility map, Amaya and I were able to confiscate a majority of the supply of both the synthetic energies and antigens withheld by the Japanese Rediscovery Force. We are currently planning a massive takeover effort of this Japanese terror regime, as there are rumors that they are selling these implementations to the Russians and even under ground political forces in the United States... perhaps the very ones that are making our government perform so poorly.

Amaya and I, needless to say, got out alive. The confiscated pieces came home with me, where my coworkers and I tested them to make sure they actually do what the security brief said they would do. Now, we are making the pieces available to you. The pieces don't work as well if they aren't ALL working together, but they are still powerful enough to perform on an individual level. Long story short, you will be getting a piece that will help you get inside the minds of others. You will be able to read their thoughts and manipulate how they think as a means of remote mind control. You will be able to convey messages directly into others thoughts, causing them act in accordance to your will. Don't worry though, this won't lead to total world dominance, because the power is going to be dispersed. Also, as a precaution we have the piece that holds the neurological antigen. Both of these pieces are very powerful and we are now making them available to you.

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