Tired of not being noticed by the opposite sex? Wish there was some way you could change their minds? Well with this piece you can, literally! This piece has been empowered with potent mind manipulation magic. It gives one the power to alter the mind and perception of one's target based on the emotions and thoughts the manipulator wishes to change or alter. This piece has been empowered with attraction manipulation magics, one of the many sub-level manipulation magic techniques. This means that the wearer of this piece can change the target's  perception of what they find attractive in a person, tailoring their mind to find the wearer's personality and attributes incredibly attractive! <br /><br />

To use this piece to its full potential, one must first analyze themselves. Look into a mirror and take note of your physical attributes. Look at every part of you that you believe the opposite sex would focus on when deciding if they find you attractive or not. Now, take into account your personality, and what aspects of it define what makes you the person you are. Try to take as much about yourself down as possible, and its very important you remember to be honest with yourself, and to not make yourself seem better or worse than you actually are. Now that you've taken down all of your personal aspects its time to manipulate minds! <br /><br />

While wearing the piece, find the person you wish to manipulate and focus your mind on them. Once you are thinking about nothing but that person, begin to to think about your attributes and what makes you the person you are. While going down your list of attributes in your mind, stop every once and a while to think of the person you are currently manipulating in order to keep the link active. The piece's magic will transfer the thoughts you're having of your attributes, and transfer them to the target's subconscious. By doing this the target will not be aware of the manipulation currently happening, but will begin to have thoughts and dreams about someone just like you! <br /><br />

Allow two to three day to pass before the mind manipulation takes full effect on the target's thoughts. After this time, their whole idea of what they find attractive in another person has been changed, and it just so happens that your exactly what they're looking for! Be warned, don't assume you can overtake the targets heart in a matter of minutes. Try taking things slow and showing the target as much about you as possible. By doing this you'll allow them a better look of what type of person you are, and they'll be all the more attracted to you! Win over that crush you've had for a while! Get your significant other to notice you in a whole new light! Put the love back into your love life with this piece!

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