Attunement Realm Ring

We have several Raviniska items for you. When she returned from a Fairfield Realm where she collected items of purity, prosperity and recollection.

We have a piece she brought back that is a full body cleansing item. This will send sensations of pure energy into your body and alleviate strains, stress and kinks -- these are caused by negative strains and energies and once cleansed you will feel like a new person. This is an attunement piece that ratifies the body.

This piece will bring forth Attuning powers into your life. The flow of life energy in the body is distributed, regulated and coordinated by the endocrine system working in partnership with the nervous system. The energetic chaos of stressful living can leave these vital systems in a state of disarray. Attunement works in specific ways to balance the energy fields of these systems and to restore harmony and coherence to their function. That process then extends to include the energy fields of other systems of the body – organs, glands, bones and chakras. Ultimately it extends still further to encompass the entire energy field of the person.

This incredible piece is generated to work as a practitioner that will offer a way of bringing the human capacities into sync with the central tone of life emanating from its source. This brings about a place of peace and serenity where the healing power of love is accessed and released into the body, mind and heart.

In matters of health, the spirit of life sets the tone for the manifestation of itself through form. The experience of health is consequent upon tonal harmony between the spirit of life and our human capacities. By the same token, the manifestation of disease is the result of a lack of such tonal harmony. In this practice, the work of healing is accomplished by attuning the Spirit, facilitated through the consciousness of the practitioner piece and magnified through the responsiveness of the recipient, you.

This is a high level piece that channels extreme spiritual vibrations through your body to harmonize you life~!
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