This is an authentic voodoo doll not the kind you you find in a tourist shop. You make it into who you want it to be by pasting a face in it or pining one to it. The doll can be used over and over again. There is more to voodoo then just sticking pins into something so a ritual will be given to you.

The ritual is very simple and will be in your card when you order.

You will also get one magical pin of dual ability to get you started. The voodoo doll is both make and female energy and can also be used on your creatures and other spirits.

To use on a creature you would need to either have a picture or draw one. This type of voodoo on a creature or spirit should only be used to make them more active or to rid your home of the bad entities.

All that information will be included.

This doll is older and comes from a  practicing witch that used all types of magic. This was mainly used for clearing a home and in making the spirits more active. How you use it is on you.
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