This is another of my favorite pieces. Im not sure if it is because I'm drawn to it or because of what it does but I feel it is both and I like the feel of it in my hand,how it is made and all sorts of things.


First Steve,Lindy and I tested this product, and we all LOVE it. Lindy got her own because she refused to give the one up,so we only have one. To use this you wear it and then write with it in the sand or dirt what you want. That is it but you do need to call your mermaids name and hers is Sabrina Sails.


When you wear the necklace you will feel it,love it and enjoy the gifts and beauty it brings along with a little bit of the bejeweled ocean! One more thing,time to receive your gifts is about three weeks. You may also communicate with Sabrina by using this as a pendulum or asking her to connect telepathically.

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