Inside a hypogeum we located the spirit of the goddess the Sleeping Lady. She was known to hold the key to the realm of the Holy of Holies. Her spirit appeared to be in a deep tranquil sleep, lying on a bed with a rush mattress. She holds a place in the hypogeum where dreams or trance visions can be interpreted by the person bearing her special piece.

This piece had been buried within the walls of the chamber and was found hundreds of years ago by a tourist who was visiting Paola; he is said to have felt an urge to dig the wall, he knew there was something behind it. He heard a voice telling him that his destiny depended on his ability to find "the truth."

He is reported to not having any idea what he was looking for, but just knew that the intensity he felt in his body seemed Angelic. After finding the magical piece he felt relief and was excited. He never got the powers released for him because he told too many people about his experience and tried too hard to make the piece grant him things.

You have to understand the power in the dreams that will be relinquished to you through the piece, and not expect anything from it.

The sleeping lady will grant you many abilities, one of which is to open your third eye; she will wake up within you and use your body and spirit. Your "dreams" will actually be her reality, she will live within you while you rest.

Once you have a connection with her spirit you will be able to use her abilities when you are awake--- you must first gain her trust though. These powers are unknown to us, but the knowledge that this will happen has been summoned through spirit channeling.

This has the potential to be the ultimate dual magic piece --- become a partner with the Sleeping Lady goddess and you will enjoy many magical feats!

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