In today's society, the word yoga has been perverted to be a generic term for physical and mental disciplining. However, in ancient India, it was actually a deeply root spiritual and esoteric process. There were six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. Yoga was one of those schools. It is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The goal is to use meditation to attain spiritual insight, mind elevation, and tranquility of the soul. The word Kundalini literally means coiled. It the studies of yoga, there is a corporeal energy located at the base of the spine. This is to say that there is a libidinal force that exists within your chakra system. It lies dormant, like a coiled up serpent who wants to deliver its message but cannot until you obtain the proper enlightenment. This piece IS THE Kundalina Serpent. When you wear this piece, it will enlighten your mind and align your chakra system to release the powers of your crown chakra. Your inner coiled serpent's powers will be release to you and you will feel its presence slither throughout your body. You will open your third eye chakra, releasing your entrapped soulinto a state of spiritual Nirvana, where you will exist in peace and tranquility. It will open up your FULL psychic powers!! There will not be an aspect of psychic energy that you will not be able to master. It will also open up a direct connection to a realm of angels, whom you will be able to summon to use for your purposes!! This piece is extremely powerful. If you feel like you are trudging through life... you know existing, but not really LIVING, then this piece is for you!! Or, if you just want an awesome piece that delivers your mind into a very energetic source of power, this piece will be perfect for you as well.
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