Airmid, sacred healer and herbalist, is the daughter of Dian Cecht, divine physician of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. She and her father preside over a magical healing well, in which wounded, battle-fatigued warriors are dipped, emerging healed in body, soul, and mind. Airmid is a miracle healer: she and her brother, Miach, healed Nuada so that he could once more reign over the Tuatha Dé Danaan, which was wonderful for Nuada and the Tuahta Dé but humiliating for her father, whose children had publicly demonstrated their superiority as healers. Dian Cecht engaged in a competition with his son, which culminated in Miach’s death. <br /><br />

Three-hundred sixty-five healing plants grew from Miach’s grave, allegedly one for every illness. Airmid carefully picked, dried, and arranged these plants on her cloak or apron, ready to heal all. Her father overturned the cloth; herbs were scattered, some lost forever. Allegedly, had he not done this, all remedies would now be known. Instead these remedies are secret, arcane knowledge, known only to Airmid, but if petitioned she may communicate secrets of healing. <br /><br />

Bring this beautiful talisman into your life if you or anyone you love has need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Airmid, whose energy has been bound to this artifact, will use her knowledge and power to eradicate all suffering. When asked, she will cure all diseases of the body, mind and soul and will mend all that is broken. If you are in financial distress, she will ensure that your life is filled with abundance. If you have relationship problems, she will strengthen the bond you have with your partner and will rekindle the flame of love. If you are depressed, she will lift you up and fill your life with hope and happiness. There is no ill that she cannot cure, no problem that she cannot resolve for you. You have only to ask, and she will provide you with all that you need… and more! <br /><br />


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