This is one of the most exquisite rings I have EVER seen. The light just dances off the stones, it is impeccably designed and will attract the attention of all who see it~!

The band is 18k, over sterling silver, this belonged to Azerra, the Princess of Oman. She is noted as an astounding beauty, one of the rare breeds who has alluring eyes, a perfect smile, a phenomenal figure and a glow about her that lights up a room when she enters. Her presence is best described as a sequin gown flowing across a room, she just attracts attention that way.

This was granted to her as a wedding gift from her mother, but after her secret divorce, the ring was no longer able to be worn be her. It was kept in a vault where it later was stolen. For a few years there was a grand reward for the piece, but then they realized that their blessings were imparted by the piece and the divorce was the right thing... as her ex-husband ended up being a terrorist who was trying to take over their Royal reign.

After knowing they were saved, they realized the ring was made to impart blessings upon others and bring forth grand things, so they stopped looking for it.

Deedee had a vision of where the piece was and it was in the United States! When we were planning an investigation, she made sure we had a pit stop in Texas, where she knew this was. Following her psyhich visions we were able to find the ring, it was in a jewlery colleciton of a shy Asian woman who got it in Hong Kong. We asked her how her life changed since she had the piece, and she said everything got better!

Her looks changed, her relationships grew, she became CEO of her firm and nothing could be better. We explained the aspect of the ring, and since she knew her luck would not dissipate if the ring was gone, she decided to let us purchase it!

This will bring you ALL that you could desire! You will gain enriched looks, be domineering and sexy. You will have your relationships prosper and be able to select from many who you wish to pursue an intimate relationship with, and you will gain success in your career and become wealthy!

Azerra's mother was blessed with this from a Witch in Syria, and it led her to have the changes, which in turn made her appealing to the King and she then became Queen! She was what you would call an "Ugly Duckling" and became a Swan when she was fulfilled from the energies in this piece~

Her daughter already was blessed due to her good fortune, but when she wore it became even more stunning, assertive and successful.

This is a fantastic opportunity to ignite the components that everyone desires -- beauty, money, success and allure!

Do NOT miss out on this piece -- this is one that will impart its blessing upon you extremely fast and you will be amazed by the attraction of others to you and the ring!


**The pictures do NOT do justice to this gorgeous piece**

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