Absorption of Powers from Arsenic Molecules

Paris Green... Know what I mean??<br /><br />

If you are not familiar, allow me to introduce to you, Arsenic. Arsenic is chemical compound that was discovered by Albert the great in the 1200s. Since then, it has been popularized for many reasons, being recognized as an element on the Periodic Table of Elements in the 1600s. The most notorious use for arsenic was the role it played in poisoning murders across the globe. <br /><br />

Being that arsenic used to go undetected, it made it the perfect murder implication. Asides from this, traces of arsenic were found in Paris Green, the type of wall paper that as been attributed to the death of the famous Napoleon, ruler of France. Upon his death, traces of arsenic were extracted from Napoleon's cadaver.<br /><br />

What people do not know, is that in extremely, extremely small doses, Arsenic can enhance spiritual aptitude. The thing is, the powers from arsenic must be infused into a piece that will allow you to utilize it properly. With that being said, do not go to your grocer and buy rat poisoning and attempt to use it. You will overdose and it is very likely that you will die. <br /><br />

This piece has the spiritual factors of arsenic extracted for you. This piece will allow you to go on a sort of a spiritual trip. It will open your mind and put your soul at ease. Once your existence is heightened, you will experience an out of body existence, during which you will be allowed to cross over into the spiritual realms. <br /><br />

Once you are in the spiritual realms, your spirit will become like a sponge, and you will soak up any powers and gifts that you may come across. I used this piece to to gain a few different psychic abilities. You will be able to do the same thing. It is amazing the spirits that you will encounter across the realm. This piece pulls them in like magnets. Now this piece can be yours. <br /><br />


The spiritual factors are within the vessel being held by the hand of this item -- it will collect the powers and release them into your body.

Absorption of Powers from Arsenic Molecules
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