Adorned Adequate Appeal

Channeld from the original "Adequate Attention" piece that has sold

Are you seeking the acknowledgement that you feel you deserve? Are you overlooked time and time again and feel that you are still at the bottom of the corporate ladder? Well get ready to climb the steps and excel in your life! This piece is invoked with Bythenol Treachery power; this elevates the facets of your soul to embrace the strength of the powers inside of your body and allow you to be noticed.

Have you been applying for jobs only to hear nothing back, or once in a while get notice that you have not been selected to move forward in the hiring process? This seems to be the fate of many who are graduating. A college degree does not seem to mean too much these days --- you need something stronger to enforce that you will be noticed~ and the energies in this piece will do it!!

We currently were only able to get this one -- we are trying to get more -- so please inquire even if this sells~! AWESOME piece for the job seeker, or someone looking to be promoted --- and great for someone who always seems to get taken advantage of~!!

Adorned Adequate Appeal
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