Ageless Grove,I have been here and there is a lot more going on

Small towns are the perfect quaint scenario for people to be able to practice the beliefs that they want to practice.  There are not threats of drawing attention from large amounts of people.  Law officials don't usually exist at the local level to meddle in your affairs.  People are generally friend and stay to themselves.  The only downside?  Everybody talks.
In these types of town everyone knows each other.  Even though that man is beating his wife or that woman is currently sleeping with the neighbor boy, who is the captain of the football team, everybody smiles at each other as if to say, "Hey neighbor." 

 Christmas wreaths and Easter Egg hunts paint the face of a perfect little community that runs rife with secrets-- some full of despair, some not so serious.  The fact is that these are the perfect little scenarios to hide something that you do-- something that isnt' for the world to know.  

It was in one of these little towns that I was given this item.  It was a gift to me from a small coven of Ageless Ones I found out in the coal regions of Pennsylvania.  I'm not going to disclose their location, because I'm not going to exploit their powers.  They practice when and how they want and quite frankly it's none of anybodies business.  

An Ageless One is a rare form of witch that we once had an encounter with, if you recall the radio show that we did a while back.  It was rare enough that we found this being by herself-- but to find a whole coven of these beings is nearly impossible.  These things go on in Pennsylvania.  I've lived here my entire life, so nothing really finds me surprised anymore.  

The Ageless Ones that I encountered wore the faces of normal, everyday people-- some appear as 12 year olds, others as somebody's grandfather.  In a lot of senses they are normal, everyday people; they just go about their business differently.  They are able to channel and use the energies of the Earth with the help of the Earth Mother and other minor deities through whom she distributes and channels her energies and powers.  They appreciate the things that are offered to them and use their magic to create an abundance for their people.  

Anyhow, I stayed with the Ageless One for a little while, learning new metaphysical powers and abilities and psychic powers that I never knew that I had before.  This piece was given its power by the leader of the coven during a white light transference rite.  It is the key to the Ageless Grove-- a realm in which the Ageless Ones exist in the free-standing soul formation.  

Just as the Ageless Ones pass from the mortal realm to the Ageless Grove, this item will allow you to enter the Grove through a magical process known as Soul Transmigration, where your soul will be shape-shifted form it's mortal container into the your true spirit form.  Once in the Grove, there are many powers and abilities that will be able to choose from.  You will be given full white light powers off the Earth Goddess with the ability to perform all white light spells and incantations, rites, ceremony magick, and a vast network of others.  This is one of the most powerful witchcraft pieces that I have seen in a while and is a perfect pick due to the fact that it is nearly Halloween-- the most powerful time for performing spells and divinations!!  Experience the Ageless Ones!! 
Ageless Grove,I have been here and there is a lot more going on
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