Aizen Myo’o (King of Lust)

Ragaraja, Buddhist Lord of Passion, traveled from India to Japan, where he transformed into Aizen Myo’o, venerated by Japan’s esoteric Buddhist sects as King of Love, Lust, and Desire, patron of erotic love and sacred sexuality. He helps convert earthly, physical desires into transcendent love and spiritual awakening. <br /><br />

Aizen Myo’o is King of Lust because he helps control it, explore it, or transform it into enlightenment. He is petitioned for assistance with the physical and emotional frustrations of suppressed sexuality. Aizen Myo’o is revered as patron of gay love, but he may be invoked for assistance with any kind of love or romance, including self-love. <br /><br />

Aizen Myo’o has three eyes, six arms, and either one or two heads (with three eyes per head). He wears a crown with a Shishi dog over his wild hair. <br /><br />

If you are looking for love, of the physical, emotional and/or spiritual kind, Aizen Myo’o will grant all of your wishes. With this powerful talisman in your life, infused with the energy of Aizen Myo’o, you will find that you are suddenly irresistible to both men and women. You will be infused with sexuality, and will become the object of admiration, affection, lust and love. All people will be rendered powerless around you. Any relationship will be yours for the asking. <br /><br />

A warning: Do not invoke the spirit of Aizen Myo’o if you do not want to be noticed! <br /><br />



Aizen Myo’o (King of Lust)
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