Al Burak-- Not an Obama ( 40 STERLING SALE)

Al Burak-- Not an Obama 

Al Burak means "the Bright One" or "the Shining One".  She is an immortal angel of God and was sent to the mortal realm to fulfill a purpose.  She appears with the body and ears of a white mule, the head of a beautiful woman, the tail and main of peacock weathers and the wings of an eagle.  Her feathers and hair contain all manners of sparkling pearls and gems.  Her breath smells like a fine perfume.  She is the highest form of symbolism in Arabia to signify purity.  

Al Burak was the being that flew the prophet Mohamed around Arabia and into the Seven Heavens and back before the glass of water he had knocked over even began to have a chance to spill.  The Al Burak's original owner was Gabriel, the Archangel and he rode her to battle many times for the army of God.  

AL Burak is attached to this piece. I don't mean she is imprisoned on in this piece indefinitely.  I mean, this piece is a direct psychic and summoning connection to her and you can use this piece to summon her as frequently as you'd like.  She will take on spiritual journeys you have never even imagined before. She will also make your spirit pure so that way you can receive her white light magic capabilities.  She is a very powerful entity and will allow you to psychically communicate with angels an.  She will also allow you to see into the seven realms of heave, to obtain the powers that are bested in each realm.  She is a powerful being and will guide you and protect you in your search for white light supremacy. 

Al Burak-- Not an Obama ( 40 STERLING SALE)
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