Al Buraq

Right off the bat, I just want to let you know that this is a powerful manifestation piece.  When using this item, it will manifest a very odd looking beast to you.  With that being said, when you use this piece do not be afraid of the beast that is manifested to you, whose name is Al-Buraq.  Al-Buraq is an arabic word that appears in the Koran and other religious texts-- including those that were left out of the Bible for some reason.  I've always said that too... how can the Bible disinclude the writings of it its own founder and forethat named Abraham.  I mean, he wrote several testimonies and none of them ended up in the Bible.  Sounds Kind of strange if you ask me. 

Either way, this piece brings about the manifestation of the Al-Buraq which means lightning in Arabic.  The reason this beast is called as such is because he descends from the sky light lightning to come to those who call upon him.  He will appear to you as a large, pure white being who is long in appeareance.  He will literally be snow white in appearance and bigger than a donkey but quite as big as a mule. His eyes will glow an amber color and he has wings like that of a pegasus, with a head that looked like a human.  He is the beast that was given to Jibril by the arhcangel Gabriel as a means of communication through the Seven Layers of Heaven.

This piece embodies the form of of the Al-Buraq who will come to you when you summon him by using this piece.  He will then allow you to ride on his back as he transports your soul through the seven levels of Heaven.  It is here that you will encounter great things like the giant mansions of god, the Holy Grail, THe Ark of the Covenant, and the Garden of Eden.  You will also be allowed to communicate with the angels any other Heavenly hosts that you should find along the way on spirit journey.  The best part about this piece is that it will hold other powers that you encounter for later use and/or acquisition. 



Al Buraq
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