Alaric's Appeal

Alaric's Appeal

This piece holds an alluring water dragon who will bring blessings of fortune and treasure to you. He has collected much throughout his life, so the fortune will trickle to you in strange ways~!

You will find more money lying around, more business opportunities will arise, and your investments will have a much higher yeild with his help. Your investments in your body will have higher yield as well, vitamins and supplements giving you a bigger boost than expected.

His name is Alaric and he is also a very good guardian spirit and will use the power of water to create a barrier against those that mean harm. The wonderful thing about Alaric is that he will be able to give you an innate sense of protection when meeting someone that may be particularly poisonous to you in the future. You will have a bigger and better sense for people. Your food will even taste better. Alaric has a preference toward the richness of life, and will aim to bring these riches to you in a manner of ways.

He will become a part of your family and for any of those you value, he will assist them too. He will lead you to a rich and happy life and in return usually asks for often communication. He loves games, dice, and all varieties of what would now be considered 'old school entertainment'.

Unique piece that will work fast for you!!

Alaric's Appeal
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