Alastor's Vengeance

I always say to be careful what you say and do others.  Karma is real and sometimes she is a real bitch.  What goes around definitely comes around in due time.  That's just it though-- in DUE time.  Then there are those times that it seems like it takes years and years before somebody who has caused you great pain and strife even feels an ounce of the pain that they put you through.  Sometimes you really want to exact vengeance but you know that if you do that will bring your own karma full swing.

The reason why we have made these pieces is because we know that sometimes life isn't fair.  You want to lash out at people for their wrongs, but because of the reason above, you cannot.  These pieces call upon an entity known as Alastor, who is an epithet of the Greek god Zeus. Alastor is the personification and embodiment of a curse who moves like a spirit across invisible realms.  When you use this piece to summon Alastor, he will already know of the hurt within your soul.  He will then travel across the realms to the vicinity of where your adversary is located.  He will wreak havoc upon the life of that person in the form of a curse manifested in that person's life.  It will manifest bad luck and misfortune like it was sunshine and blue skies.  Vengeance has been served. 


This is sterling silver and a pendant with sterling chain.

Alastor's Vengeance
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