Alien Glow,Alien Shift/F*

Alien Glow,Alien Shift/F*

There are two military bases shrouded in secrecy in Warrenton, VA. These two bases are simply known as Station A and Station B. Both stations are operated by an unknown federal agency. Many electronic and communications devices are visible at both bases, although until recently the specific purpose of these bases were unknown.

We had heard rumors of a conspiracy theory depicting that they may be research areas dedicated to UFOs and alien life. We knew we had to investigate! We found a tunnel close by the base that led underground. We entered and found that the tunnels continued for miles and miles. There were maps that showcased the two bases, there were secret symbols but we were able to see that the two bases were connected underground.

We didn't get very far before we were confronted with a problem, security. We tried to hide, but we had been detected. We were taken to a room above ground and questioned about how we got underground and what our intent was. We played dumb and acted like we got lost and didn't know how we ended up anywhere near the base. We were able to be released without any real issues; we often seem to get lucky!

Once we were off the base and back at the car victor showed us something that he found inside the tunnel. It was an amazing piece of jewelry that glowed. When you touched the piece you could feel a tingling sensation and it made me dizzy when I looked at it. We were excited to find out what kind of powers that this piece held!

After testing the unique piece, we found that it embodies Alien life form. It has powers that enable you to shoot fire, Regenerate without sleeping, have super strength and helps you Shape shift.

This piece also brought us Super Speed, Neuroshock blasts (that allow you to breath under water), the ability to duplicate yourself and also be invisible. This piece is filled with extraordinary powers and we are unaware of any other abilities you may experience.

Being in this testing site has brought about extraterrestrial energy and powers and this piece inhibits them! Learn how our distant life forms live and gain the powers that they encompass. This is the first time we have something that will give this type of ability and we did test it out. Dee Dee has perfected the power to not sleep. I have shapeshifted and met up with a clan of werewolf that seemed to not want to accept me. It does not hurt to shift like the movies show you. I am now part of a unusual clan of which I'm proud. I can also bring one other person into that but I will write it up later. I think Dee Dee is working on that one for me. She did it too but won't tell anyone. If you want to talk to me about it you can call me at her house from 9-2 and I can tell you all about it. She turned into some kind of white being with flames and plants in her hair.

This Shifting is not just into animals. We also have a contact that says there are aliens living with us and they look as human as you and I! We are going to do a radio show on it if Dee Dee says yes but the guy is giving her a hard time about it. If I were him I would watch out as she could set his ass on fire!

Call me on Monday and I will tell you all about it. It was amazing!
Alien Glow,Alien Shift/F*
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