Alien Wealth Items

So I am sure you all can recall the amazing Alien Mystical Healing Items that came from Florida!? These have worked wonders for many of our clients, even a few shared their experiences on the radio show... anyway, Deedee just informed me that they have uncovered the sensationalized format of powers from the Alien Mystics, but these are for WEALTH!

There are ONLY 2 of these --- they are available for $500.00 (this is WITH the discount!!) --- These will merge an immediate connection within you and bring forth the ultimate full magic of gaining wealth and prosperity~

Knowing how phenomenal the mystic power worked in connection to the healing emblems, I am super excited that the investigation found the empowerment in new pieces --- especially for $$$!

Let me know A.S.A.P. if you would like one of these wealth contributors, as like I said, there are ONLY 2... so it is first come, first serve....

Vardogr Phantom Double <br /><br />


A Vardogr is a spirit predecessor of Norwegian descent.  They are deja vu spirits that directly affect the signals of the brain and will open up your mind's full psychic ability.  They are a gift of the Gods that allow you to experience your existence for what it is fully worth.  Once fully activated, the Vardogr spirit that inhabits this item, will give you the psychic ability to encounter your true form phantom double.  We all have a separate life forms of life that can be found on the a separate plain of existence.  These existences are based on all the adverse affects of decisions that have not been made, such as the opposite of what your life may have been if you hadn't decided to drop college, or if you hadn't decided to get married.  They are alternate realities, which you have not had the opportunity to live.  <br /><br />


Your Vardogr Phantom Double will give you the psychic ability to astrally project your spirit into your all of your alternate existences.  You will be given the fully ability to jump into any one of your alternate lives that you haven't experience yet, to live out an alternate destiny.  You will put your current existence on pause, being able to come back to it later.  Considering each life is full of decisions, you will gain immortality, as you will have countless Phantom Doubles to live through.   <br /><br />



Alien Wealth Items
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