Alienesque-- Build Your Own ET, No Exceptions

We have been on many investigations over the years and often times when we are on investigation we find more than one source of power.  There are places on the Earth that are very prolific in terms of energies that enter our planet from the universe.  A while back-- I'm talking years back-- we went on an investigation in South America to the Nazca Lines. These are the lines that are dug into the Earth to make the shape of animals in South America.  They are done with such incredible detail and over such a wide expanse of land that there is no possible way that they were ever done base on human intelligence alone.  This is why we went there in the first place.  The result of our investigation was the fact that we found a piece the illuminates the mind with a map of space and allows you to interpret intergalactic sounds for the communication signals that they actually are.  We have more of those pieces if you are interested, but that is not the piece that we are listing with this description. 

During that investigation we also found a few other items that we have been working with since then.  Sometimes people get upset when we don't answer our emails right away.  Well this is the reason-- we are busy making awesome items like this one.  What we found were little clay discs.  on these discs were the carvings of alien faces.  They didn't all look the same, which leads us to believe that beyond our own planet there are multiple races of aliens; and there have been since before the beginning of the Earthen times.  I know I've said it before, but our existence is such a small, and new, part of existence that major aliens don't really even bother with us.  The aliens that have visited us aren't even at the top of the list!  But, we found these alien face carved into baked clay or some type of soft stone.  We weren't sure what exactly these powers held at first, but after years of working with them we are proud to report that we have finally cracked the case.

We have successfully put the powers form the original discs into these pieces.  With this power, you will be able to hand craft your own alien.  It contains the necessary energy from the solar system to be able to birth not just one extraterrestrial, but as many as you want.  Each alien you build will encompass one power.  You can build them for whatever purpose you want and then send them off to space to do your work.  For instance, you may build one to go into space and bring you back wealth powers.  Maybe you want one to go forth and bring you back the powers of an ancient, sacred pyramid.  You want yet another to go find you the secrets to tantric, extraterrestrial sex.  Whatever it is that you want-- and you can get as creative with it as possible-- your alien will both find and bring back to you.  You can use this piece to build your own aliens to bring you back as many things as you can think of.  Maybe you want levitation powers, or the power to create holographic universes.  I mean, whatever you want!  Your piece isn't hard to use, either.  All you have to do is bond with the energy, which will take a few days.  After that, you will be able to speak the alien into existence-- right down to what he looks like!  This is a very exciting piece, because there are so many possibilities and it is so versatile in how you can use it.  We only have a few of these, because we were only able to extract enough power to make one item per disc that we obtained.  Oh, and we're keeping the discs for preservation purposes, so we will not be giving them out-- NO EXCEPTIONS!  Enjoy your powers!

Alienesque-- Build Your Own ET, No Exceptions
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