All Hallows Church SW

All Hallows Church The stone in this pendant is from the All Hallows Church in London and it belonged to the Templar. There were a number of stones found hidden in this church that have never been found anywhere else in England. In this church they were found hidden inside an alter where they kept the treasures they brought back from far east. This stone was later placed on the sterling holder it has now.

This can be used as a pendulum when placed onto a fishing line or some sort of string. When held over the body and used as a healing tool, a vision of the virgin sometimes appears but not all the time. Even when she does not appear the healing is granted. I do not know what these stones were used for, but it does do healing so it might also do other things as well. The reason I know it does healing is because when you have a true Templar item some spirit always come to you. Their attachments to the items of the Brotherhood remain strong even after death and the energy with this piece is very noticeable. This stone has been used by myself and others for healing and it has worked very well for us. But we all agree that there is much more hidden within this stone than we know.
All Hallows Church SW
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