All Inclusive Voodoo Empowerment; The Mudhouse Mysteries

This piece has tragic beginnings and unfortunately a tragic end.  It comes from a house that is known as the Mudhouse Mansion in Lancaster, Ohio.  The Mansion was built by a local politician after the ending of the Civil War.  The official refused to get rid of his slaves, even though owning them had become illegal.  He treated his slaves very poorly and kept them locked in a outbuilding by night.  
One of the slaves began digging a tunnel under the foundation of the outbuilding.  Night by night he built the tunnel a little bit further.  As legend stands, the slave eventually grew the tunnel long enough that he could exit through a break in the Earth.  They say that he came out of the slave quarters at night, slipped up a back staircase of the house and murdered the entire family in their sleep.  When people had finally caught wind that the family was murdered there was nobody to charge the murder with.  The slaves had all escaped and he wasn't supposed to have them in the first place.  
It was a very long time before anybody else owned the house, as people were afraid to own the house given the violent murders that had taken place.  It seemed almost taboo to own such a property.  However, eventually a new family moved in.  Neighbors saw them unloading their belongings into the house, but that was the end of their observance.  After this, the family that moved in wasn't heard of again.  The neighbors thought this was kind of weird.  One neighbor even called the cops, stating that she had seen a woman dressed in white in the second story of the house, staring at her.  She said that the woman had been standing in the same place, staring at her for several days.  When the police went into the house to investigate, they had found that all five members of the family-- the mother, father, and three children- had been hanged or had hanged themselves by the rafters.  
The house was vacated and everybody was afraid to go near the place.  This was of course until more recently when the activity at the house began to become more active.  We were called into do an investigation and what we found was shocking!  It lends to the fact that the politician did, in fact, own slaves.  However, the legend of how one such slave escaped to murder the family was untrue.  The murders took place, but it wasn't a physical murder it was a spiritual murder.  Nor did he keep his slaves locked in the outbuilding at night.  Rather, he kept them in a secret chamber that was underground, hidden in a secret chamber that we found during the investigation of the house.  
It appears that there was some type of mass exodus of the slaves from the basic quarters, but that it would have been nearly impossible for the slaves to dig through the foundation of the house, given the surrounding terrain.  In the quarters, we found a pretty massive voodoo shrine, upon which we found what were probably articles of clothing from all members of the family that originally lived in the house.  A hex was put on the house.  Instead of the slaves needing to kill the people who illegally imprisoned them, the people went mad and killed each other.  The crime scene was pretty grizzly as we were able to see this simply by laying our hands upon the altar in the voodoo shrine.  There were dolls that matched the description of each of the family members, which makes sense because you would need one to control the actions of the people they wanted to control.  
The most puzzling part of the investigation-- one that we weren't even able to figure out ourselves-- is how the slaves got out of the basement.  I mean, it was triple locked and as far as we could see there were no tunnels.  They somehow just up and vanished.  I'm not even sure what to think about it.  The power that we are offering comes from the altar of the shrine.  It was once housed in a piece that was on one of the dolls that was on the altar.  The piece was literally decaying and falling apart so we did a transference ritual and set the powers into the piece that you see for this listing.  The powers are very simple.  When you are wearing the piece you are capable of performing an voodoo power you want.  Wealth, love, revenge, healing, demise, luck, spiritual communication, astral travel, etc.  Whatever voodoo power you want, you will be capable of with this piece.  It is very powerful and the power took months if not years to be made.  It is this piece that was used to place the hex on the house, which is the reason why the second family killed themselves as well.  
At the end of our investigation we burned everything that we found and told nobody anything.  We could get away with this because people refused to enter the house, so we were doing the investigation on our own.  We pretty much chalked it up to, that's what he gets, because he treated his slaves so poorly.  Of course, we took the piece with us so we could transfer the powers.  Essentially, by burning the artifacts and altar that we found there, we broke the curse.  Despite that, the property was literally just razed this September.  Oh well.  We have this piece, which incorporates the powers of the original.  With this piece, you can do any voodoo power that you want.  All you have to do is write down the power that you want on a piece of paper, add a drop of your own blood, and then pin it to a doll.  This doll can be made for you or anyone else.  If you want the powers to come to you, obviously you will make a doll of yourself.  If you want the powers to go elsewhere, you make a doll someone else.  It's pretty simply.  After you leave the paper pinned to the doll for a period of twenty-four hours, you will then burn the paper and collect the ashes.  Smear the ashes back into the doll and that is when the powers will take effect.  
All Inclusive Voodoo Empowerment; The Mudhouse Mysteries
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