All My Demons

All My Demons

You might think by the title that this is going to be a dark piece, but we don't sell those here at Haunted Curiosities.  We sell dual pieces and we sell white light pieces and we sell strange and unusual pieces, but we reserve the dark pieces for others.  We believe in good karma-- you know, what goes around comes around.  I don't know about you but I don't want any demons showing up on my doorstep; which brings me to my next point... the item we have available. 

In the not-too-far-back past, Deedee and I were called on an emergency "investigation."  If you follow our radioshow on blogtalk you will remember that we had to cancel one of the show because of it.  Well, that's because it was serious.  It was a serious and risky case of possession.  Unfortunately, the possession was afflicting a small child in a town in the coal regions of PA called St Claire. 

The case was bizarre, because the child was not only possessed by one dark entity, but several.  In fact, there were nine in all-- each with a different name and each afflicting the child in a different way.  It was a regular spiritual mess. Try and try as we might we weren't able to fix the problem on our own, so we had to call in reinforcements. 

Now, when you think extreme white light, there is only one person that comes to mind right away.  Okay... well Jesus, but who's the other?  Yes, Raviniska.  We have been doing some heavy work with her lately, as she is now offering a multitude of services, all of which can be found at under the Services section of the website.  Anyhow, we called in for back up and Raviniska came. 

Even with her divine white light power, it took several tries to extract all of the demons entirely.  It took one additionally session to coat the child with a sustained white light barrier that prevented a future attacks. She cleaned his aura and shaped up his soul.  A spiritual attack of that magnitude and really mucky-up the soul.  She was careful to clean it.  After the procedure was finally all done, I asked Raviniska, "So do the demons go back to Hell or wherever they are from... or what?"  She told me that typically a priest would have damned the evil souls back to hell; however, Raviniska took it one step further. 

During her stay in PA while we were working on the child, she had started a special regression progress called de-trangression.  It is a process where you take an entity and complete extract the evil out of them.  What you are left with is a totally polar-reverse entity.  Where as you might have something that was the highest magnitude dark power before, it has been reversed to extreme white light.  She did this with all 9 of the entities that we have extracted from the child. 

Before she left she handed me the piece and explained the it was the extraction piece. It contains 9 white light souls.  The piece will allow whomever uses it to use the white souls to obtain extreme white light energy and magic.  It also allows you to grow your energy through obtaining dark entities and de-trangressing them so that way they are free of any dark obstructions.  You can then obtain the powers of these souls, while setting their iniquities free!!  Once the dark energy is off of the soul it is just destroyed and you are left with a flowing white light energy source!  You can use these energy sources to design your own white light abilities.  It is a very unique piece, because literally all your demons will go angelic.  You can just imagine them at a DA meeting.  That stands for Demons Anonymous... Hello, my name is Belial and I used to be a demon...   You get the picture.  This piece has been touched by the hands of Raviniska and contains her EXTREME white energy through the abilities listed above!! 

This piece is very old and can be worn as a pin or a pendant. I believe it is sterling silver but I will have to ask Raviniska the next time I see her.


All My Demons
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