All Original Powers!! Ultimate Voodoo Powers.

Ultimate Voodoo Emblems ~

The connection that was felt in the humid air was tightening in my throat. At first I thought I had eaten something that I was allergic too, but then I get a shrill sensation that ran up my spine; I knew there was a spirit close by trying to merge with me.

I have been studying spirit possession and working with a master for the past year. Once you open the portals there is an automatic attraction that encompasses your body and allows them to come forth to you.

I have always had connections with spirits, but I wanted to better be able to understand the process for which they were trying to get my attention.

While in New Orleans, I was walking through the French Quarter, right off of Royal Street and instantly got the sensation that I was being summonsed.

My body started to quiver and I sat down on a ledge and closed my eyes --- I started to feel the spirit enter my body.

Steve was with me and could tell that I was having an encounter; he made sure no one would come along and disturb the interaction.

I got visions and heard the voice of the spirit in my mind, my thoughts became their words.

I was told to go to St. Louis Cemetery. Steve got a cab and we were on our way. I kept seeing flashes of color that showcased extreme power. The spirit led me to Marie Laveau's tomb. The tomb is loaded with treasures that were left in honor of Laveau; asking her for help.

Most people will either mark the tomb by making 3 x's on it (x x x) and then leaving a momentum of gratitude, or by knocking on the grave 3 times and then leaving their symbol token.

The spirit that ensued my body, was that of a woman named Chantilly LaLaurie. Chantilly was a voodoo practitioner that respected and honored Marie Laveau.

Before her death, Chantilly visited the grave many times, each time leaving emblems of her vast jewelry collection as a symbol of fortification.

Laveau blessed LaLaurie with advanced knowledge of voodoo and granted her new abilities to excel in her occult endeavors.

Chantilly passed away in 2004 and has been waiting to progress her vision on Earth by using someone to carry on her majestic recipes. She was finally able to use my body to guide me to the tomb... she had me collect her emblem pieces of honor--- for they were blessed by Laveau and also held her own encryption of knowledge.

After knowing that her pieces were in hands that would guide them to continued power, Chantilly left my body.

Steve was mesmerized by this takeover of my body and knew we had to get these pieces to people right away!

These items belonged to Chantilly LaLaurie and were gifted to Marie Laveau to showcase her aspirations for guidance and power. Now that both Voodoo enthusiasts are deceased they want their power to prosper in today's light.

If you are a voodoo enthusiast, then you must have one of these original items that were on Laveau's tomb for years.

These are amazing, powerful items that will grant you awakening in voodoo spells of money, good luck, love and revenge. They hold very strong powers that can do wonders for those with positive mind, energy and spirit~

These powers are all original and are a direct result of our OWN experience while on business in New Orleans. These items hold original white light Voodoo powers. A lot of times Voodoo powers get a bad rap and the word carries a sort of negative innuendo. This is not true. Voodoo powers, just like any spiritual powers, can be used for positive or negative practices; that is good or evil. These powers that we offer you should be approached with caution. They can be used for any purpose, but they will work better with purity and good intent.

The pieces you are receiving are pins that can be used in conjunction with any type of Voodoo "doll". They can also be worn on the person to enhance your spiritual endeavors or the quality of a spiritual ritual.

All Original Powers!!  Ultimate Voodoo Powers.
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