Alpha eye of the universe/ THE NEW ONE

What is known as the "Aplha State Mind" is the mental disposition that is needed to access the entirety of the universe's psychic abilities. Many different type of items exist to grant the user access to the Alpha State Mind, this particular piece was created by a powerful sorcerer named Ragnaros who practiced the magical arts from around 1890 until his disappearance in the 1970's. This piece is known to grant any who wear it instant access to the Alpha State of Mind where any and all forms of magic are accessible. This item does not claim to divulge the secrets of using psychic abilities, but it does guarantee to place you within the realm of the psychics and with further training or other items, you will be able to harness and use all the power that rests within the psychic realm.Please understand that this is a very powerful item. When the word all is used that is exactly what it means. Do a search on psychic abilities and occult abilities and you will find they are vast. This piece is amazing!n The center of this ring is called the psychic eye of the Universe. THIS IS ALL STERLING SILVER WITH A GORGEOUS,BEAUTIFUL,AMAZING STONE!!!

Alpha eye of the universe/ THE NEW ONE
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