Altering Reality

Altering Reality

Everything that you think, every thought in your mind is a tool in the creation of the future. As we all know, the future is not set in stone, nor is the future unchangeable. Rather the future is the way a set of circumstance react in conjunction with other circumstances surrounding our existence-- that is, there are multiple factors that influence our destiny on a day to day, minute to minute basis. But, what if you could change all that . What if you had a way to escape factors that molding who you are and what you will become? What if you could change your destiny? If you've been desperately trying to get out of funk you may have found yourself in, accidentally and you are searching for a way to revive yourself, search no more-- I have the answer for you.

When I was younger, I found success in being a business manager for a local retail outlet. The shop was up and coming and I helped the owner of the store pilot her endeavors in the right direction for success. I worked very hard for her and she compensated me graciously, because she understood all the time and effort that went into such an endeavor. The business became wildly successful. It became so successful that she opened up another channel in a neighboring town.

By this time I was an extremely decent chunk of change, but with money comes trouble. I developed a drinking habit, that eventually turned into a drinking pattern, and then a drinking problem. I began losing interest in everything that was important to me, so much that the owner of the company I had helped pilot to to success, asked me to resign, because I wasn't putting two cents worth of care into my work any longer. I was feeling depressed, like my life wasn't worth anything, drinking more than normal, and contemplating suicide. Then, one night my life changed for the better.

One night, I was wasted more than normal and I laid down in bed to pass out, but I that isn't what happened. In fact, what happened next was so far out to what I was accustom to that I thought I was hallucinating from all the whiskey I had drank earlier. I was visited by a creature so bright and luminous that it was all I could to even look at its face. When it spoke, it commanded with authority in a such a gentle was that it didn't have to get upset or emphasize that fact that it was in charge in this situation. The only thing that I could do was to lay in my bed and watch and listen to what this being had to say to me. Long story short, the angel introduced itself as the Angel of Destiny, telling me that my destiny isn't set in stone, that it had bigger things in store for me, to arise and let the pain and anguish motivate me to do better. Then, the angel handed me a rosary made of gold and cedar, telling me to use the piece to dream and dream again, until I have it right, until I know that the plans set forth for me have been fulfilled. Then, the angel disappeared.

I couldn't stop thinking about what the angel had said to me. Dream and dream again, until I have it right. And that night I did dream-- I had a strange dream; such dreams are not unusual to drunks, but this one was different, more vivid, almost real. I dreamt that I had rewound my place in history, that I had erased the time that had elapsed, to the time where I was successful in my endeavors, to where I was a productive member of society. I dreamt of a period in my life when life actually meant something to me and I wasn't a dump in life's toilet, getting ready to be flushed.

When I awoke, however, I was still in my cold, lonely apartment, the same one I have had for the last couple of years, while I watched my self forte, crash, and burn. Then something strange happened. My phone rang, and it was my old boss, inquiring as to why I was late for work. I had informed her that she had fired me, to which she laughed hysterically saying “yeah, okay”, and told me to hurry up and get my butt to work because she needed me and she missed my company. I jumped out of bed, at which point the rosary from the dream fell to the floor. I picked it up. Had it been real? I was drunk, but I could remember the dream like it actually happened, and perhaps it did. I hurried off to the store, only to find out that I was still employed, had a decent amount of money in my bank account, and still had the same friend I had before I pushed them away with my alcoholism. Apparently, the angel had been real, as real as the piece he left behind for me. Now, years later, I find myself in new surroundings, but the piece still works for me, as if I had just received it. In fact, I was able to channel the energy from my piece into the pieces that you see below, so that way I can share with others what the Angel of Destiny has share with me.

With this piece you will have the ability to alter reality and destiny by either meditating on what you want to happen or dreaming it into life. But be careful, because with each thought that you think, you carve reality out of possibilities-- and anything is a possibility. Guard your thoughts as if they were your life, because essentially they are. If you aspire to do good things, the it will reflect accordingly. If you aspire to negative things, then you will also reap those benefits. Just keep in mind the old saying, because it very much applies to this power. Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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